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Since its release in 1996, RhymeZone has received many thousands of complimentary feedback messages and writeups (and a few nasty ones, too!). These generally include words like "godsend" or "life saver", and sometimes profanity that would make the characters in South Park blush. Here are some of the better messages and reviews we've come across:

You're a Poet, or Didn't you know it?
- Yahoo! Internet Life, Incredibly Useful Site
Poets on the make now have a major tactical advantage.
- Oxygen Media
...for far more rhymes -- and more fun!
- Old Way, Net Way
The RhymeZone is quick to become the poet and songwriter's killer app.
One of the coolest and most useful sites I've seen in years!
- User feedback
This interface is by far the best I have seen for any rhyming dictionary.
- User feedback
This site is totaly, absolutely WONDERFUL! I stumbled across it two days ago, and can't seem to get off it! RhymeZone is brilliant, as I am writing a play in verse. This is invaluable. I have a rhyming dictionary, but this is MUCH better. Thank you!
- User feedback
This site has become a LIFE SAVER for my poems that I need to write for a creative writing class! Thank you for such a wonderful service!
- User feedback
I can't see how you can improve perfection but if it's possible I'm sure you'll do it. Thanks for all the great help!
- User feedback
Man, this site is a [expletive deleted] gem!...This is gonna get bookmarked, baby!
- User feedback

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