Datamuse Autocomplete Service

What is it?

Autocomplete is the feature on many search boxes that guesses what you've started to type.

You've probably seen autocomplete at work on sites like Google and Big sites tend to be really good at this guesswork: they can factor spell correction, personalization, and lots of business data into their guesses. Smaller and less tech-savvy sites tend to do a poorer job — if they have autocomplete at all.

What is it good for?

Autocomplete creates happier users in two measurable ways:

Datamuse Autocomplete

Datamuse Autocomplete, part of the Datamuse API, gives your search box an autocomplete function as smart and accurate as those used by the biggest sites. It can scale to inventories with millions of terms, and has many sophisticated enhancements:

Who's using it now?

The autocomplete service was originally developed to serve the top-ranked dictionary websites RhymeZone and OneLook. It is also used by, the world's largest independent e-book distributor. You can try our autocomplete service by typing a query into the search boxes of any of these sites.

Interested in autocomplete for your website?

This service will be free to the first several sites to sign up as we build out the features of this service. To learn more, please contact Datamuse and tell us about your site or mobile application, your needs, and how much traffic you expect.

Request more information

Please describe your application, API needs, and expected traffic.

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Note: If you have autocomplete already, chances are you're using a plugin that came with your search software (such as Apache Solr, Elastic Search, or Lucene) or a home-grown system. Either way, we'd be interested in hearing how well it is working for you and what improvements you would like to see.